[539463] Chemical vinylester resin injection mortar fischer FIS VL 410 C

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The solid injection mortar for standard applications in cracked concrete and masonry

Comes with 2x FIS MR resin mixer and instructions sheet

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    • The FIS VL is approved for use in cracked concrete and masonry, and achieves a high load-bearing capacity in these conditions.
    • The injection mortar, based on vinylester resin, allows for anchorings in water-filled drill holes (410 ml cartridges only), thus allowing for rapid progress.
    • The temperature resistance of the FIS VL injection mortar of -40 °C to +120 °C allows for a solid load level even when subjected to high temperature demands, thus providing great flexibility.
    • FIS VL HIGH SPEED has a significantly shorter curing time than FIS VL, thus also ensuring swift work progress even at low temperatures.