[530760] Zinc through bolt fischer FXA M10 x 86 - Pack of 5

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    • The standard anchorage depth achieves the maximum loadbearing capacities so fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are required.
    • With only a few hammer blows and minimal torque slippage installation is a simple process.
    • The drive-in pin protects the thread from damage, and ensures a faster installation and dismantling of the attachment.

    • The FXA is suitable for pre-positioned and push through installation, also suitable for stand off installation under certain conditions.
    • Prior to installation, place the hexagon nut in the optimal position (the drive-in pin projects by approx. 3 mm out of the hexagon nut).
    • When applying the torque, the cone bolt is pulled into the expansion clip and expands it against the drill hole wall.
    • The head embossing offers a simple control of the anchoring.

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