[44121] Zinc push through hammerset nail anchor with nail head fischer FNA II 6 x 35/5 - Pack of 100

Push through installation nail anchor made from Zinc plated-steel with a diameter of 6mm, a length of 35mm, a max clamping thickness of 5mm, and a minimum drill hole depth of 40mm. This is suitable for the following building materials and applications: Concrete C12/15 to C50/60, cracked, for multiple fixings of non-structural applications

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        Product Description

        The fischer nail anchor FNA II with a nail head is made of zinc-plated steel. The FNA II has a time saving setting feature - it's installed by push-through installation with just a few taps of the hammer. The installed FNA II expands automatically under load. The cone is then pulled into the expansion clip and this expands it against the drilled hole wall. The fischer nail anchor FNA II the ideal anchor for fixing fire protection boards, wire and nonious hangers in internal areas.
        • The special active principle allows for a simple hammerset installation and, therefore, a short installation time.
        • The extremely short anchor depth takes away the risk of hitting rebar, and allows a trouble-free installation.
        • The optimised expansion clip ensures hold when placing in the drill hole, and prevents it falling out during overhead installations.
        • The massive shaft cross-section guarantees a high load-bearing capacity, thus offering an extremely high level of safety.
        • A range of head shapes allows for the fixing of wide-ranging fixtures, and for the ideal adaptation to suit the intended use.
        Top Features
        • Hammerset installation saves time.
        • No reinforcement hits due to low anchorage depth This saves time and costs during series installation.
        • Expansion clip provides a firm hold.
        • ETA approval for multiple fixings.
        • Series installation possible with setting tool for the hammer drill. This saves time and costs.


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