[33211] injection resin fischer FIS HB 345 S

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ETA fischer Highbond-Anchor FHB II

ETA #2 fischer Highbond-Anchor FHB II

Product Description

The fischer Highbond special mortar FIS HB 345 S is a system component of the fischer Highbond system FHB II for fixing in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The cartridge contains styrene-free vinyl ester mortar. The special mortar can be used with the fischer Highbond anchor rods FHB II-A S (standard), Highbond anchor rods FHB II-A L (long) made of zinc-plated steel, made of stainless steel, and made of highly corrosion-resistant steel. When tightening the hexagon nut, the anchor rod cones are pulled into the mortar shell, which expands against the drill hole wall. Using the fischer Highbond system FHB II means that railings, machines, and steel constructions are securely installed within internal and external areas.
  • The Highbond system FHB II achieves the highest load values in cracked concrete. This means that fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are required.
  • The injection mortar FIS HB can be worked with the threaded rod FHB II-A S (short version ) or L (long version). Thus, you can select the most economical solution based on requirements.
  • The large container shape of the injection mortar FIS HB is ideally suited to series installation.



                  Grade Chem
                  Volume 345ml
                  Brand Fischer